Our Brains are Broken… The ON switch is Stuck

It’s 11 PM on a Friday night and I have just spent the last hour having an in-depth rave about curriculum and instructional strategies with my co-teacher. I couldn’t help but poke fun at our awesome nerdness. That is when it dawned on me how incredibly special it is to have “a person” in the world of teaching.

I have been blessed with “many a people” over the last few years and honestly, truly, positively this job could not be done without them. To find someone who shares your passion and love for the students and their learning is a treasure. I feel like I am describing a marriage, but I guess in some ways it is kind of like that. Us against the world.

I always joke about how I force Amanda be my friend. That might have been true at first, but I think I have started to grow on her. She showed me the ways of teaching primary and I have showed her the ways of… well, probably just dirty mindedness and bad jokes. But all jokes aside, we push each other to the be the best people we can be for our students because we believe with all of our guts that they deserve it. I have never had any other professional career so I can’t speak for anything other than teaching, but let me tell ya.. the pressure of teaching can mess with your head and unfortunately there can be life sucking negativity death traps all around you. I saw this meme the other day that said: Good News: We teachers can bond with each other over the fact that we are all on the same boat. Bad News: That boat is the Titanic. Oh My Goodness, Friends! I snort-laughed! But, I guess you can either get your life vest on and get your booty in the life boat or you can try your luck at the floating door thing, but make sure you have yourself a co-teacher that will scoot over and share!

This time of the year is tough. For some, it comes with a certain amount of negativity and the days drag on. For others, it comes with excitement thinking about next year already. And for all, it comes with exhaustion! You can guess that I am exhausted and yet already excited for next year. Relax, I have already been to the shrink. I am certified crazy. I am just thankful that I don’t have to be alone.

Thanks for three wonderful years, friend! Can’t wait for more to come! (See, its like a marriage,LOL!)

Great Faces
Look at those Great Faces! Also note those tired ones! 

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